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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Support the Earthquake Recovery Efforts in Haiti

On March 22, we visited Haiti to assess relief and recovery efforts, and work with organizations and people on the ground, who continue to face devastation in the wake of the January earthquake.
In the midst of profound challenges, we saw the astounding resilience, courage, and hope of the Haitian people. We saw their fierce resolution to rebuild their communities, their neighborhoods, their cities –– and their nation.
We’re more determined than ever to help the people of Haiti not just rebuild, but to "build back better." The Clinton Bush Haiti Fund will be there to work with partners to assist Haiti’s long-term recovery every step of the way.
Already, we’ve received more than 200,000 contributions, which are supporting critical efforts such as getting essential medical equipment to critically injured patients at a 240-bed tent hospital; supplying a Port-au-Prince clinic that’s been transformed into a camp, serving 5,000 patients with medical care, food, and water; providing emergency shelter kits to help protect families against the elements; and delivering relief supplies including water purification tablets, hygiene kits, mosquito nets, and temporary latrines.
These efforts are only the beginning. The needs will continue to be urgent as the rainy season sets in, bringing new threats for those still homeless.
And even as the immediate relief phase continues, we are looking ahead to long-term reconstruction. We are insisting on sound rebuilding and economic growth plans that will lead to a better life for the Haitian people.
With the love and hope of neighbors and especially through their own hard work and resilience, the Haitian people can have hope for the future. A better future means an improved infrastructure, better schools, cleaner energy, and improved access to health care. A better future especially means creating jobs and economic opportunity for the people of Haiti, so they can emerge from this devastation a stronger, more secure nation that can stand on its own two feet.
Help us chart Haiti’s long-term recovery by contributing what you can. Even if you have already given, we ask you to consider another donation.
As they say in Haiti: "Many Hands Lighten the Load." Every donation will make an enormous difference.
President William J. Clinton
President George W. Bush

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